The questions tab is where you add the questions for your checker. Here, you gather input from your users to use in calculations in your logic tab.

What are questions?

Question Types

CheckFirst currently supports the following types of questions:

Each question has its own use:

Question Type

When do I use it?

When you want the user to enter in a number

For multiple-choice questions where users have to choose a single option

When you have more than 5 options

When users can choose more than one option

When you want users to input a single date *CheckFirst currently does not support date ranges

Question References

Each question type is tied to a symbolic letter for its reference, as well as a number. This will help you in the logic tab.

Question Type


Letter N references numeric questions

Letter R references radio questions

Letters DL references dropdown lists

Letter C references checkbox questions

Letter D references date questions

CheckFirst currently does not support question logic. This means that all questions will be shown to all citizens, and questions cannot be selectively shown or hidden based on inputs from previous questions.

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