The logic tab is where admin users can use input from questions to calculate or generate a logic result.

What is logic?

Logic is the brain of your checker, where you make calculations and filter a user's answers to your questions to determine their eligibility.

How to use logic

Conceptually, there are 2 ways to use logic blocks, as intermediate logic or displayed logic.

See the example below of how the blocks look like in the logic tab vs in preview.

Using questions as input

Each question gives us an input that can be used in the logic tab in various ways.

Logic types

CheckFirst currently offers these types of logic blocks:

Below shows the acceptable inputs and the expected outcome for each logic block.

Referencing blocks

Logic blocks are tied to a symbolic letter for its reference, as well as a number. In a logic block, you can refer to other logic blocks.

See question references and constant table references.


Type in the block's letter and number. For example: N1, where N is the question type and 1 is the number of the block.

Pro tip: Type in the @ key to get a dropdown of questions, tables, or result blocks to choose from. Filter the dropdown by typing in a letter.

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