Constants table

This checker makes use of a constants table, where the import duty of liquors are calculated based on fixed rates. This example is modelled after the tax on intoxicating liquors from

When should I use this template?

When you have a list of items with prices/rates/numbers associated with each item. Learn more about constants

Template walkthrough


We want to check what is the total duties payable for an alcoholic product with duty rates based on per litre of alcohol. The formula (as taken from is as follows:

Duties payable = Duty rate x Total quantity in litres x Percentage of alcoholic strength

Step 1: Set questions

Step 2: Set constants

The rates of each alcohol type is as below:


Duty rate


$60 per litre of alcohol


$88 per litre of alcohol

In the constants tab, let's create a new constant table. The Reference will be the alcohol name, and the Constant will be the duty rate. Ensure your Reference is an exact match to the radio option.

Step 3: Map constants table to radio question

We need to manually map the constant table to the respective radio question. This helps associate a constant to a radio option.

Step 4: Set calculation logic


Step 5: Preview

Let's Save draft then Preview our checker.

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